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Modern Wheat; “A Perfect, Chronic Poison”

Today we found this really great interview and article on and thought we’d share. A cardiologist, Dr. William Davis talks about the additives in modern wheat and how continues to affect everyone’s health in more than just one way.

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Cancer Enabling Food

When the body is functioning normally, cells are created and die off on a regular basis. Mitochondria are the key executors of this normal cell turnover, and without normal functioning of mitochondria, cell apoptosis is prevented and instead cells go

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Red Wine May Lessen Dementia

THE STUDY how to save electricity A study was recently published in Neurology, the journal of theAmericanAcademy of Neurology whose purpose was to test a hypothesis that favonoids; natural compounds that help counteract aging damage to blood vessels, might be

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Three Foods to Avoid for a Healthy Body

According to Nutrition Author Michael Pollan in his book In Defense of Food, humans historically consumed about 80,000 different species of plants, animals, and fungi, of which 3,000 were widespread foods in the human diet. Unfortunately recent studies show this

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The Connection Between Blood Sugar & The Spine

windows 7 purchase canada he possibility of chiropractic care helping people with diabetes is a popular new area of research, and an important one. Roughly 1 out of 3 men and 2 out of every 5 women will suffer from

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