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7 Fun Activities To Try Before Summer Ends

We all know that Summer is coming to an end.. Some are happy to be rid of the summer heat, or to have the kiddos back in school. But others are sad to see the long sunny days come to

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Not Hurting Yet? – Why hurt at all?

From the very beginning, chiropractic has been concerned with improving people’s quality of life by helping strive towards optimum wellness. Wellness care or preventative care is designed to promote health based on the whole person’s optimal functioning ability and thereby

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What does the Ice Bucket Challenge mean to you?

When we saw this article about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge we had to share! Here’s What The Ice Bucket Challenge Means To Me – REBECCA BUTLER In 2012, I lost my sweet, beautiful, amazingly kind mother to amyotrophic lateral

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So you’ve been in an Auto Accident: What Now?

You probably have already had a lot of stress dealing with insurance, car repair, and everything else that comes along with an accident. But do not forget one of the most important pieces of that puzzle yourself and your passenger’s

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