Stress in Young Adults

Found this graph in USA today, and thought it was an interesting follow-up to Monday’s “Don’t Let Stress Get the Best of You”.

If 18-24 year old’s are the most stressed out age group, and (considering Monday’s post) stress has very negative consequences on the mind and body, it’s no wonder that our younger population suffer from increased health problems and risks.

18-24 year old’s are experiencing more than ever, pressure to go to school and do well in school, increased responsibilities, social and peer pressures, and financial hardships due to the economic downturn and difficult job market.

Because of these added stressors, our young adults are becoming bogged down with stress, leading to increased depression in this age group as well as suicides. According to the 2005 National Survey of Counseling Center Directors, suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students.

So, if you know any young adults going through a hard time, see what you can do to help. Offer to be references for them when they’re looking for a job, etc. Whatever stresses you have, remember that although they are young, many 18-24 year old’s are experiencing similar stresses. The difference being that they may lack the life experience that you can pass along to them on how to handle the pressure.

Now everyone go do some yoga and de-stress after reading this stressful post!

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