So you’ve been in an Auto Accident: What Now?

You probably have already had a lot of stress dealing with insurance, car repair, and everything else that comes along with an accident. But do not forget one of the most important pieces of that puzzle yourself and your passenger’s physical health.


Sometimes an auto accident can immediately cause pain, and other times the injury does not show itself until later. So whether you feel fine or not, these are the steps that we recommend taking to make sure that you stay healthy and in the best shape you can.

  1. If you haven’t already, go see your primary care doctor. – Make sure that there aren’t any injuries that you don’t know about. -This is a good first step so that you can be referred out if you will need any physical therapy.
  2. Call a Chiropractor and setup an appointment for an exam. – A Chiropractor can take your healing to the next level and will also be able to offer support and recommendations for further steps that are sometimes missed by a primary care physician.
  3. Be consistent with your treatments. – Just because you are starting to feel better doesn’t mean that you can start skipping your physical therapy, doctor, or chiropractor appointments. This is the time that the healing will either continue or start to go back in the wrong direction. Don’t let yourself be one of the many that stops before their body is finished healing and then has to go back in the future for a more serious development.
  4. After your treatments are finished consider doing yoga or daily stretches to make sure that you remain in optimal health and keep your muscles strong.

Hopefully those are some helpful steps. Please call us if you have any questions about how we here at the clinic treat accident injuries or would like to schedule an appointment to come in and see us.

We wish you safety and whole body health. Please be conscious and cautious when driving!

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