Posture Analysis

Chiropractic Posture Analysis
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Postural analysis is the process of the body positioning of a patient. The word ‘posture’ is derived from the Latin verb ‘ponere,’ meaning ‘to put or place.’ The word ‘analysis’ comes from the Greek word ‘analyein,’ meaning ‘to break up.’ Therefore, postural analysis is simply the process of ‘breaking up’ the body to determine where it should be ‘put or placed.’

When one’s posture is off, the human body also experiences a range of problems: restricted range of motion, pain, organ dysfunction, and joint, ligament and muscle stress, to name a few.

The body has an ideal position, and a trained therapist can go through a process to evaluate the body’s current position and take corrective action based on that evaluation. The process will include a visual examination, with the patient standing in a recommend position and the therapist measuring the patient’s alignment. Photos are also taken, to keep a record of the patient’s starting position and their progress over time. Other advantages of taking postural photos include:

  • documenting posture before and after treatments
  • educating patients about postural distortions and demonstrating causes of pain, muscle weakness, etc.
  • showing patients, physicians and other relevant parties, a patient’s treatment progress
  • presenting patients with clear treatment solutions
  • customizing treatment plans

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