Manual Adjustments

Manual Chiropractic Adjustments
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Dr. Beebe employs adjustments and other noninvasive procedures to treat the neuromusculoskeletal system. The original founding belief of chiropractic was that health and disease are affected by anatomical osseous relations, which affect the function of the nervous system. Loss of appropriate mechanics results in ill health and inflammation with the remedy being the restoration of proper mechanics by means of an adjustment.

Chiropractic manual adjustments are performed with the intention of eliminating the direct and reflex effects resulting from compromised mechanics (subluxation) resulting from falls, accidents, stress, overexertion, tension, faulty posture, and other factors. Adjustments are performed to relieve pain, restore motion, remodel scar tissue (adhesions), relieve muscle spasms, and promote healing. Chiropractic adjustments and manipulations may be beneficial for low back pain, headache, and neck pain.

Types of Manual Chiropractic Adjustments

There are many types of chiropractic adjustments and manipulations and just as many different techniques to decide which of these adjustments to use. Each chiropractor draws upon his or her education and experience to choose the optimal maneuver(s) for each individual from the more than 96 chiropractic maneuvers used. In general, adjustments incorporate a manual thrust in a definite direction with a specific force and at a particular point of the anatomy to correct a subluxation. The chiropractor must determine how much force to use to correct the subluxation. The placement and position of both the chiropractor and individual are also important. Adjustment techniques include short-lever and long-lever thrusts.

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