June 2012

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Maximize the Benefits of Chiropractic with Self-Care at Home

Receiving chiropractic care does a lot to increase your state of wellness. Adjustments help re-align your spine and correct subluxations, which in turn provides pain relief in your joints, back, and neck in addition to increasing mobility, performance, balance, coordination and energy. If you take the benefits of chiropractic and add self-care to your treatment plan, it will result in an easy, cost-effective way to increase these benefits that chiropractic treatment provides, and sustain your recovery between visits.

During treatment, self-care is just as much a part of a recovery plan as the adjustment itself. Self-care is the practice of corrective exercise that you can easily do at home in between visits to the clinic. Doing these exercises on a daily basis keeps tissue mobilized between treatments, allowing progress to continue while maintaining activity levels. Jeffrey Tucker, DC, of DACRB expresses the value of at-home maintenance stating,

“Self treatment is essential in establishing the patient’s goals. At-home rehab is the interplay between personalized healthcare and seeking ways to sustain well-being”.
–Chiropractic Economics, April 17th 2012

The concept that has to be understood is that each person requires a unique program for recovery that will differ from everyone else with the same initial problem, based on how their individual body reacts to the adjustments and treatment plan. Incorporating an at-home component helps personalize your recovery and wellness maintenance so that your physical function and outcomes are improved at a more rapid pace.

Below, are just a few of many tools that you can use for at-home recovery and self-care between visits. Dr. Beebe is more than happy to talk to you about any of these, and can show you how to properly use the tools to supplement your chiropractic treatments.

Foam Rollers
Foam Rollers are designed to support varying degrees of tissue mobilization and stretching, depending on the level of your own soreness and physical activity. They are available in different density levels, ranging from soft- which provides cushion for patients that find working with a traditional foam roller painful; through hard- which is used for advanced fascia mobilization.

Roller Massager
Roller Massagers support both superficial and deep tissue mobilization, while providing a massage-like experience. Different sizes provide for focus on different muscle regions and their needs.

Stretch Straps
Stretch Straps improve range of motion and enable highly effective contract-relax stretch technique, as well as a more comfortable static stretch.

Exercise Ball
Exercise Balls are used to strengthen your core muscles and improve posture so that the adjustments made by the chiropractor can be sustained throughout the week until your next appointment.

Next time you’re in, talk to Dr. Beebe about a self-care plan that’s right for you. He will give you a customized plan to maintain the improvements he makes on your body with adjustments. You’ll see better results from each treatment at the clinic, increase flexibility and reduce the likelihood of re-injury. It’s fun, easy, and very low-cost, so take an active role in your recovery, and help us get you back to the life you want.

Quick Tip

Smart Splinter Remover!

Next time you have a splinter, try this easy way to remove it, pain free! Pour a couple drops of Elmer’s Glue on your skin to completely cover the splinter. Let it dry, and peel the dried glue off of the skin, in the same direction that the splinter is facing. The splinter sticks to the dried glue and is easily removed!

Someone You Should Know

Servello Skin Care

Servello is a local, Portland-based company that specializes in nature-based aromatherapy skin care essentials, and whose mission statement coincides with our ideals and values here at Beebe Chiropractic. All of their products are handmade locally using pure essential oils and natural & organic ingredients. Their product line has no artificial coloring or synthetic fragrances, is sulfate, paraben, and phthalate-free, and prides itself on being vegan and eco-friendly. When it comes to naturally taking care of your skin, there’s no one who you can trust more than Servello.

Check them out at www.servellobody.com or email questions toinfo@servellobody.com.


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