GSE: A Natural Treatment for Chronic Sinus Infections


Chronic sinus problems are almost always a result of growing fungus in the nasal passageways. Sinus tissue is lined with mucus membranes that help keep the nasal passageways moist, but when the soft tissue becomes irritated, it increases both the blood flow and mucus production. With the increase in blood flow, the sinuses become swollen and trap mucus in the nasal cavities. This creates a perfect warm, stagnate, and moist environment for bacteria, viruses, and fungi to grow.


A recent study of chronic sinusitis and fungus done by the mayo clinic found that 97% of the people tested had an average of 2.7 types of fungus growing in their sinus cavities, and were successfully treated for chronic sinus infections using anti-fungal medications. There are many different antifungal supplements to choose from, both prescription and natural, but what was found to be the most effective antifungal agent by far, was the natural remedy of grapefruit seed extract (GSE).


Grapefruit seed extract is a liquid derived from the seeds, pulp, and white membranes of grapefruit. According to WholeHealthMD, the antifungal effects of GSE were first used on farms to help prevent mold growth on crops. Since then, it has been used in natural cosmetics as a preservative, and most recently has been uncovered as an extract with serious health benefits.

There are specific steps to follow when taking GSE for sinus infections. Any brand will work fine, but it is best to get the liquid form rather than the pre-made capsules, as it is much stronger. It is important to follow these steps though, because GSE can be very hard on your stomach if not consumed properly.


  • Purchase the liquid form, but use a dropper to put it into empty gel capsules, as the taste is very potent and acidic
  • Make sure to drink 8-oz of water with each dosage
  • Start with three drops of GSE per capsule, and increase by one drop each dose
  • It can be taken up to 3 times per day
  • If you can only take 3 drops per dose, it takes a week or so to see improvement
  • If you can take 10+ drops each time, you will be better in a few days
  • If you can easily take 60 drops (two large gel-caps full) with 12-oz of water, you might only have to take it once and it’s possible to kill everything

Everyone has a different tolerance to GSE, so start with a small dose and work your way up. Once you know how many drops your stomach can handle, take that same amount whenever you need to. You won’t have to start out small again.

This has been shown to work for about 95% of people with chronic sinus infections!

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2 comments on “GSE: A Natural Treatment for Chronic Sinus Infections
  1. GSE seems to be a very particular way of treating a sinus infection. Like all the other medications for sinusitis it looks like it takes a bit of time and patient too. It is nature based so, it should not be all that harmful and sedating. Great article

  2. Randall says:

    FOUR MONTHS OF SINUSITIS! TOTALLY MISERABLE!Two rounds(10 days each) of amoxicillin. Nothing. Still having one nostril closed off almost 24/7 and the other half open. Sleep was almost impossible and I was just miserable. I started to Google to find any other way to help. Warm compresses, hot showers, and more antibiotics. Then I saw GSE. Ordered it and that was the miracle that I was looking for. Took a 2 ounce nasal spray bottle left over(couldn’t live without the over the counter spray that at the end only kept my nose open for less than a hour)cleaned it out and put 2 ounces of saline solution and 3 drops of GSE in it.DAY ONE: Took eight ounces of orange juice with 15 drops of GSE concentrate three time a day(45 drops a day total). I then sprayed my homemade GSE nasal mix in my nose 4 times a day with 2 sprays in each nostril each time. By morning two I stared to blow my nose and sorry this may sound gross but the green/yellow mucus was thinning and turning clear.I could not believe it! I woke up with only a small headache for the first time in months and I could breath a little better. DAY THREE: UNBELIEVABLE! I could breath out of both nostrils!Not completely but well over 50% better!Pressure and pain was less than half. All the antibiotics and hot showers for the last 4 months had done nothing close to the 2 full days of GSE. To make my story short and happy within 6 days of continuing the GSE treatment I was cured! YES CURED! People say that GSE only works because it has some synthetic stuff in it. Why do I care. IT WORKS and no side effects! And the cost is crazy! CHEAP! CHEAP! CHEAP! I will never be without it. I will always keep in touch with my Dr. but GSE will almost always be my first course of action for any cold or sinus problems!You have to try it. IT WORKS MIRACLES!