Getting Ready For Summer 2020

The summer months are here and, though this year may look different than previous years, it is likely that you’ll be spending more time outside and increasing your level of activity. In fact, since there have been so many restrictions on where you can go, you may already be finding yourself more active than normal.

While the increased activity is really good for your overall health, the extra stress can start to cause you pain. Coupled with makeshift work-from-home setups or extra time we’ve been spending on technology and you may be more susceptible to serious injury than you’re accustomed to.

I have been working with patients to develop plans specifically for the situation they are in. Our circumstances may be unprecedented, but our need for quality care is not.

If you’re finding yourself in need of pain relief for body aches and pains, want to prevent or recover from injury, or simply need to get ready for more activity, make an appointment.

We are taking all of the necessary sanitary precautions and doing everything we can to keep our patients and practice safe.

I look forward to seeing you soon,

Dr. B

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