Fruit Facts! What you didn’t know fruit could do for you.


Ever hear the saying “You are what you eat”? Well, in some ways it’s true. One of the best sources of preventative medicine is the food that you put into your body. Not only can you avoid unhealthy foods, but you can target certain ailments with specified diets. Fruit is one example of food with many different health benefits. Each fruit specializes in different nutritional value and effects on your body.

This has been hanging in our office for some time, so I thought I’d share with those who haven’t yet been in our clinic yet. Listed below are some unique ways that each fruit provides benefits to your body, mind, and overall wellness. Good info to store away for next time you’re grocery shopping!

APPLES Protects your Heart Prevents Constipation Blocks Diarrhea Improves Lung Capacity Cushions Joints
APRICOTS Combats Cancer Controls Blood Pressure Saves your Eyesight Shields against Alzheimer’s Guards against Liver Disease
BANANAS Protects your Heart Quiets a Cough Strengthens Bones Controls Blood Pressure Blocks Diarrhea
BLUEBERRIES Combats Cancer Protects your Heart Stabilizes Blood Pressure Boosts Memory Prevents Constipation
CANTALOUPE Saves Eyesight Controls Blood Pressure Lowers Cholesterol Combats Cancer Supports Immune System
CHERRIES Protects your Heart Combats Cancer Strengthens Bones Banishes Bruises Guards against Heart Disease
FIGS Promotes Weight Loss Helps Stop Strokes Lowers Cholesterol Combats Cancer Boosts Immune System
GRAPEFRUIT Protects against Heart Attacks Promotes Weight Loss Helps Stop Strokes Combats Prostate Cancer Lowers Cholesterol
GRAPES Saves Eyesight Conquers Kidney Stones Combats Cancer Enhances Blood Flow Protects Your Heart
LEMONS Combats Cancer Protects your Heart Controls Blood Pressure Smooths Skin Stops Scurvy
LIMES Combats Cancer Protects your Heart Controls Blood Pressure Smooths Skin Stops Scurvy
MANGOES Combats Cancer Boosts Memory Regulates Thyroid Aids Digestion Shields against Alzheimer’s
ORANGES Supports Immune System Combats Cancer Kills Bacteria Lowers Cholesterol Fights Fungus
PEACHES Prevents Constipation Combats Cancer Helps Stop Strokes Aids Digestion Helps Hemorrhoids
PINEAPPLE Strengthens Bones Relieves Colds Aids Digestion Dissolves Warts Blocks Diarrhea
PRUNES Slows Aging Process Prevents Constipation Boosts Memory Lowers Cholesterol Protects Against Heart Disease
STRAWBERRIES Combats Cancer Protects your Heart Boosts Memory Calms Stress
WATERMELON Protects Prostate Promotes Weight Loss Lowers Cholesterol Helps Stop Strokes Controls Blood Pressure

I’ll do a follow-up with more foods- veggies, grains, etc.  later this week to provide a more complete list of foods that help you stay healthy.

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