Coronavirus, Some Alternative Perspectives

This is regarding the Sars-CoV-2 Virus and the Covid-19 disease. Below is a list of links to some of the “alternative” voices or points of view regarding the various governments’ use of “one size fits all”, “heavy-handed” approach to minimize impact of the virus and potential disease. The general theme in these alternative viewpoints is that the current public health response (as of March 2020), is not evidence-based/data-driven and may likely end up causing a much larger public health crisis/disaster secondary to the major economic recession or economic depression we will very-likely experience.

March 13 Michael Lin (Stanford) self-published opinion slideshow/article

March 15 Paul Offit, MD (U of PA) Facebook Post (unintended economic and health consequences may be worse than Covid-19)t

March 17 Paul Offit, MD (U of PA) YouTube Interview

March 17 John Ionnidis (Stanford) opinion piece/article (we are not using good data to inform public policy)

March 20 Aaron Gee (Viral internet activity expert) Detailed Analysis of Published Data

March 21 Atul Gawande, MD article in New Yorker (promoting a more focal approach)

March 23 Paul Offit (again) on Canadian Medical Podcast

March 23 Zubin Damania, MD YouTube Opinion Vlog (advocating more focal approach) 

March 24 James Chestnut, MSc. DC Facebook Post 

March 24 Web Article re. Sweden’s More-focused/less draconian  response to this virus

March 24 Eline van den Broek-Altenburg, PhD/Adam Atherly, PhD. Opinion Piece

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