Reach Your Health Goals with Chiropractic Care


Happy New Year! Beebe Chiropractic is sad to say goodbye to 2012 – it was an exciting, fun year full of firsts for us. But with the arrival of 2013 comes a chance for change, and we are always eager to assist in the process toward a better, healthier you!

Each January 1st a flurry of healthy eating and exercise articles inundate our inboxes, magazines, and newsletters.  Not one to miss out on

a hot trend, this January Beebe Chiropractic is focusing on how we can help our patients achieve their 2013 resolutions; including weight loss.  Dr. Beebe advises, “The primary consideration is that we, genetically, are built to be a hunter/gatherer who would walk an average of 10 miles each day, eat meat, veggies, nuts and fruit.  So following these simple formulas promotes weight loss and enhances health.”  With chiropractic care pa

tients view health from a holistic perspective making healthy weight goals attainable and achievable. Additionally, through initial exams chiropractors learn the underlying c

ause of a problem and prescribe a whole body treatment strategy.

From personalized diet plans to appropriate exercises to recommended herbal supplements, patients learn better methods to result in a healthier lifestyle, and lasting results.  “Chiropractic weight loss leads to permanent changes rather than weight loss that is replaced by loss of muscle and eventual regain of the lost weight,” says Dr. Beebe.

Spinal manipulation and massage are also often included in weight loss treatment plans for patients. According to some studies, spinal adjus

tments and manipulation can be very effective in weight loss management. Flexibility is further enhanced during spinal manipulation thus taking pressure off the spinal c

ord. Spinal alignment during the process, aids in the absorption of essential nutrients and distribution of oxygen.

Studies also confirm that massage is advantageous to the muscle building ability of the body, as well as for maintaining fitness levels. This enhances the person’s capacity to reduce or control weight gain as firm, toned muscles increase the daily caloric burn of the body.

While many lifestyle changes focus on herbal, nutritional and exercise, Dr. Beebe advises to begin thinking healthy, “Thinking well actually causes changes in the immune system that leads to less formation of fatty cells.”  January 21st’s Dinner Discussions Seminar will delve further into this as Dr. Beebe speaks on autoimmunity.  Registration for the seminar is free and includes a gluten-free dinner at 6:30pm. To register, contact Katie Woodard at (503)620-1280 or  Remember: a holistic approach, provided by chiropractic care can help you live a fuller, healthier life; regardless of genetic background or environmental surroundings!

Beebe Chiropractic & Wellness Center is located in Tigard, OR within the Portland Metro area. Dr. Daniel Beebe cares for patients with sports, work & auto injuries, neck & lower back pain, headaches & migraines, chronic pain, scoliosis and more. For more information visit

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