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Dangerous, Even Deadly Diets.

Is the Keto Diet worth the fat loss? At my practice we see people with many different health concerns ranging from musculoskeletal disorders, to autoimmune disease. We spend a lot of time consulting with our patients about their varying nutritional needs

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Tips to Host a Better & Healthier BBQ

Your summer barbecue can be delicious AND healthy By Allison J Stowell MS, RD, CDN An afternoon barbecue is the symbol of summer: Firing up the grill and filling your yard with the smell of delicious food, fun games and

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10 tips for healthy eating in the New Year

Feeling the bloat of a heavy Christmas, you’d be forgiven for ranting about how your New Year’s resolution is to cut back on excesses and have a healthier 2016. So we’ve done a bit of research, drawing on sources including

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Getting Back In Shape for the New Year

If you’ve stopped working out for a while, getting back in shape can be tough. Dr. Beebe shares some tips to safely start the road back to a healthy lifestyle.

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Weight Loss Testimonial

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