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Getting Ready For Summer 2020

The summer months are here and, though this year may look different than previous years, it is likely that you’ll be spending more time outside and increasing your level of activity. In fact, since there have been so many restrictions

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Chiropractic Care for Autoimmune Disease Relief

The favorite part of my job is helping patients in chronic discomfort lead pain-free lives, and nothing is more satisfying than helping those with Autoimmune diseases.  Over the years I have literally treated hundreds of people dealing with pain related

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Back To School With Beebe Chiropractic and Wellness

It’s back to school time and we’re getting in the spirit of things by holding learning events every Wednesday evening in September!  Join Dr. Beebe each Wednesday at 6:15pm in September for a discussion on the benefits of Quantum Neurology

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Meet Tigard Chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Beebe

You know your body better than anyone else and your pain is real. Dr. Daniel Beebe gets that. His approach is to listen first, then communicate with and educate you about your path to a pain free and healthy life…

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