Cancer Enabling Food

When the body is functioning normally, cells are created and die off on a regular basis. Mitochondria are the key executors of this normal cell turnover, and without normal functioning of mitochondria, cell apoptosis is prevented and instead cells go through metaplastic and dysplastic changes which lead to the transformation of normal cells into cancerous cells which do not die.

This process happens by chemicals silencing mitochondria so that they are unable to enable apoptosis which creates the immortal cells. One of the chemicals that helps silence the mitochondria, pushing the transformation of normal cells into cancerous cells is ‘prostaglandin E2’ (PGE2) which is derived from arachidonic acid. This is where our food comes into play. We eat an excess of arachidonic acid every day, both directly and indirectly. Fatty meats and farm-raised fish are two of the most prominent sources, as most are fed almost exclusively on feed that contains linoleic acid, which our bodies convert into arachidonic acid. Refined foods, fast foods, and packaged foods all contain linoleic acid as well; with some of the worst culprits being french fries and various chips that have been soaked and cooked in these cancer-encouraging acid-rich oils.

Arachidonic acid from these various sources is then converted into PGE2 by the COX1 and COX2 enzymes in our bodies. PGE2 has been shown to be involved in promotion of cancer on many levels, especially in breast cancer and brain cancer because of its ability to inhibit BRCA; a famous anti-cancer gene related to cancer expression. The problem is that over 20% of the average person’s diet comes from these refined oils and obese meat, which means our modern diet, is really the “PGE2/cancer diet”.

In addition to these already detrimental foods we consume, add sugar to the picture, and you’ve got a feeding ground for cells to become cancerous. Research has demonstrated that cancer cells actually survive on glycolysis, so they require a constant supply of sugar, which is provided in excess by modern diets. In fact, Shelton Seyfried says in his book Cancer as a Metabolic Disease, “cancer cells are addicted to aerobic glycolysis” and describes the chemistry of the sugar-cancer relationship.

According to recent studies 20% of the modern diet comes from sugar, and another 20% from refined flours, so adding that to the 20% from refined oils and obese meats, it totals 60% of calories in the modern diet stemming from cancer-encouraging foods. The oils, acids, and glucose derived from these products feed the cancerous process by inhibiting the mitochondria and stopping the normal cell life cycle. To prevent the continuous acceleration of this disease, we need to stop feeding fuel to the fire. Take control of your health, and stop feeding cancer the food that it loves.

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