7 Reasons You Should Do More Resistance Exercise

Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak Shares the impressive benefits of adding strength training to your routine.

You’ve probably have heard the old expression that you can kill two birds with one stone, referring to the efficiency of performing two tasks at the same time. Today, we call it multitasking and pride ourselves on making the most of our time. But how about killing seven birds with one stone?

According to the research, that’s what you’ll do if you incorporate resistance exercises into your workout routine. Here are 7 awesome reasons strength training is worth your sweat:

1. It raises your resting metabolism, according to research in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, so you burn more calories at rest and offset your body’s tendency to burn fewer calories as you slim down.

2. It protects lean muscle mass and counteracts its atrophy from weight loss, found a 2010 study in theEuropean Journal of Applied Physiology.

3. It prompts your body to release hormones, including growth hormone and testosterone, which help build new muscle, shaping and sculpting your body so you look leaner, all the while burning fat stores.

4. It increases bone density. In fact, numerous studies show that following a regular strength-training program can prevent or forestall osteoporosis and may help prevent fractures.

5. It Improves your balance if you use free weights, which helps guard against injury and improves coordination and dexterity.

6. It increases insulin sensitivity, found an American Heart Association study published the journalCirculation, meaning your body can utilize glucose from carbohydrate consumption more effectively, instead of storing it as fat.

7. It increases your metabolism directly after a workout, known as “after-burn,” during which you briefly burn additional calories.

Adapted from 5 Pounds by Harley Pasternak

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