TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR WELLNESS Dr. Beebe has been trained in the biomechanics of the human body and treats hidden injuries most doctors cannot find.
  • 10 Cupcakes You Won’t Know Are Gluten-Free

    Whether you're new to a gluten-free lifestyle or a seasoned g-free pro, you know finding foods that work for you—especially baked goods—can be challenging. These gluten-free cupcake recipes are about to make life a whole lot easier. Bake 'em for yourself just because or bring a batch to work. Your coworkers will be too busy fighting over seconds to know there's anything missing.     Read More »

What our clients say

Dr. Beebe has treated me after three rear-end collisions. After one, I saw him the same day. He adjusted me and with electric stem treatments, ultra sound and Chiropractic, he relieved the pain and helped me heal.