TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR WELLNESS Dr. Beebe has been trained in the biomechanics of the human body and treats hidden injuries most doctors cannot find.
  • The Secret to Achieving Your New Year’s Resolution in 2015

    Lets Create Realistic New Year’s Resolutions! IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! Whether or not you’ve been successful in the past, it is part of our yearly tradition to set resolutions each New Years.  Goals we strive for to improve our health, our lives, ourselves.  As with setting any goal, it is important to aim for realistic resolutions in order to achieve success.  Here are a few tips that will hopefully point you in the direction of success by deciding on a resolution this year that is logical, doable and you can see yourself accomplishing in 2015!   CHANGE ONE… Read More »

What our clients say

I suffered from migraines, back pain and a sore neck every morning. I couldn’t sleep more than 7 hours, waking with painful headaches. My back pain was so severe I couldn’t sit for more than 5 minutes. After my first few treatments I felt tremendous relief in my neck and back, and I haven’t experienced intense pain or a single migraine in my two months of treatment. As a mom, I can’t have migraines like I used to. Dr. Beebe has been a great help.